Test ride gone bad
Doc's has always been a high class HD dealer with a reputation built on great people and even better service. A year or two ago, when I was in the market for a bigger bike, Doc's was my first stop. Had a great test ride on a new Ultra Classic. After the ride i was contacted about some questionable damage to the bike which would be forgiven if I'd buy the bike. To Beth's credit she personally met with me, reviewed the situation and reached what we felt was a reasonable compromise....I'd pay for any parts, but damaged parts would be returned to me after replacement. When I followed up with service department to pick up the parts they had mysteriously disappeared. Maybe a innocent mistake but made it look more like a not so innocent sales tactic. I'm enjoying my Ultra Limited, but it didn't come from Doc's. Like a lot of others sharing feedback, many great Doc's experiences had been tainted by just one bad one. Wouldn't even mention it but hey....you asked! Ride safe everyone ! (Employee: Beth Ernst)
Tom Kendig
Hello Tom, Thanks for the five star review and your insight. I hope you are out today riding. Can't believe this great weather we have been given. Happy Holidays. Take care, Beth
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