If you're going to buy a bike, go to Doc's and ask for Roger!
I just bought a new Street Glide Special and I ordered a couple accessories with it which did take some time to come in as well as the bike. Roger was always on the ball, letting me know what was going on with everything along the way no matter what department I had questions about, he always found out the answer. I wasn't 100% pleased with the time issue of the service dept installing my light kit, I believe they overbook their hours and overcharge them like many shops do so they run behind. My bike was supposed to be done at 4pm on a Friday and it was done at 6:15pm and that's only because I told them not to worry about washing it, otherwise it would have been another 20 minutes. this will make me think twice about having my service done here but Rogers salesmanship will get by business and my reference to others to come to this store for their purchases. I believe he really cares about the store, the bikes, and most of all his customers satisfaction. A rare thing nowadays. When you go to Docs, ask for Roger. You won't regret it. (Employee: Roger Mudd)
Brett Nicholls
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